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He is back! We haven't seen Sri Lanka Rifical for a while due to Covid19- restrictions, but now the World is starting to open up back slowly, which means he can finally Come across and he is more than ready to teach you All!

Sri Lanka is seened as a pioner in Dancehall being one of the most creative and influential dancers from 2008 and a decade ahead, and behind two of the strongest teams in that period : M.O.B dancers and Rifical Team.


13.6.21: 18.00-20.00


Location Will be announced asap


Per time 200kr.

Full course: 350kr.

Notice that this course is for Intermediate /Advanced dancers!

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 Introduction to Dancehall: Step by Step

Total Beginner Course 

Do You want to start dancing dancehall but feel a little scared entering a class where People have been dancing for years?

You want some of the elementary moves in a slow slow tempo, so you get them right?

You want to understand the basic and different styles of dancehalldancing, before choosen the class that fit you?

Post-Lockdown is definetly the Best time to try something New!

Amalie Zaar has been working with hundred and hundred of students, from complete beginners to professionel dancers, been working with dancehall for 15 years and teaching for more than 20 years.

She is ready to guide you safely through a 3 weeks Introduction Course going back to Basic, making you understand the moves and introduce you to the Culture where it All origins.

Where and When:
Tuesdays from 7pm-8pm at Korsgadehallen, Copenhagen N.
8, 15. and 22.6 2021

Full Course:200kr
1 Class:100kr

Tidligere events:

Movements with Meaning

The Culture of Dance.

FREE Weekend Workshops Autumn 2020

Med støtte fra DIF & DGI's foreningspulje præsenterer World Dance Academy "Movements with Meaning: The Culture of Dance"

I World Dance Academy har vi længe arbejdet med alverdens dans og med dans fra et kulturelt perspektiv: Dans kommer fra og af noget. Med dyb respekt forsøger vi at komme tæt på stilarternes oprindelse, opsøge disse stilarters talentfulde dansere, skabere og legender, og give dem en stemme i den danske dansebranche. Samtidig prøver vi løbende at åbne op for og give plads til nye unikke stilarter.

Vi ønsker at give folk et indblik i vores kontinuerlige arbejde med afrikanske, caribianske, afro-amerikanske og latinamerikanske dansestilarter (sort og brun dansekultur) , og inviterer derfor til gratis workshops hver weekend i september og oktober (den 17.10 undtaget), hvor dans som kultur og mere end blot bevægelsessekvenser vil være det centrale omdrejningspunkt.

Formålet er naturligvis at prøve noget nyt, have det sjov og opleve dansens fællesskabende karakter, men det er ligeledes at uddanne og udvikle hinanden, så vi kan praktiserer stilarter bevidst og blive klogere på os selv, hinanden, dansen og ikke mindst de kulturer, hvorfra dansen udspringer.

Der vil både være workshops for børn og voksne, samt lectures og talk. Se detaljer i nedenstående.

(NB! Bemærk vi opdaterer skemaet løbende)

13. September 2020: PASSINHO
Undervisere: Khalifa
17.00-18.30: Khalifa.
Location: Game, Enghavevej 82d, 2450 KBH SV.

19. September 2020: FEMALE DANCEHALL
Undervisere: Patricia, Cece, Emma, Amalie
12.00-13.30: Cece & Emma
13.45-15.15: Patricia & Amalie
15.20-16.00: Foredrag og diskussion
Location: Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, 2200 København N.

26. & 27.September: DANCEHALL
Undervisere: Zidan Xqlusiv, Sri Lanka, Amalie

26. September:
10.00-10.50: Dancehall Workshop for Børn med Amalie.
Location: Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, 2200 København N.
27. September:
16.30-17.50: Sri Lanka Rifical
18.00-19.20: Zidan Xqlusiv
19.30-20.30: Dialog og diskussion
Location: Game Streetmekka, Enghavevej 82d, 2450 KBH SV.

3. Oktober: CUBAN SALSA & SON
Undervisere: Arceo Oropesa, Pablo Trujillo, Mikala Hoff
11.00-11.45: Cuban Dance 3-6 årige ved Mikala Hoff
12.00-12.55: Salsa begynder ved Arceo Oropesa
13.00-13.55: Salsa letøvet/øvet ved Arceo Oropesa
14.00-14.55: Son ved Pablo Trujillo
Location: Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, 2200 København N

Undervisere: Felicia, Ponija, Colosal.
12.00-12.50: Workshop for børn med Ponija og Felicia.
13.00-13.55: Afrobeat med Felicia
14.00-14.55: Afrohouse med Colosal
15.00-15.55: Choreo med Ponija
16.00-17.00: Foredrag / Diskussion
Location: Game Streetmekka, Enghavevej 82d, 2450 KBH SV.

Undervisere: Brice Johnson, Colosal Titan (B-boy Rash Sensei)
12.00-12.45: Break for børn ved Colosal Titan (B-boy Rash Sensei)
13.00-14 00: Break for øvede børn og voksne ved Colosal Titan (B-boy Rash Sensei)
14.00-15.00: Hip Hop Grooves ved Brice
15.00-16.00: House ved Brice
16.00-17.00: Foredrag ved Brice Johnson
Location: Game Streetmekka, Enghavevej 82d,

2450 KBH SV

31. Oktober: West African Dance
Undervisere: Alky Plus, Mbaye Art
Kl. 12-13-30: Guineansk dans akkompagneret af livetrommer ved Alky Plus
Kl. 13.45-15.15 Sabar dans akkompagneret af livetrommer ved Mbaye Art

kl. 15.15-16.16 Talk ved Alky Plus & Mbaye Art

Location: Game Streetmekka, Enghavevej 82d,

2450 KBH SV


Alle workshops er gratis!
Grundet Covid19 har vi begrænsende pladser! Tilmelding via


Sabar with Mbaye Art, Senegal & Djembe with Alky Plus, Guinea

First time ever in Copenhagen! This is a unique opportunity for everyone - both beginners and advanced dancers alike - to learn and indulge into the fantastic world of West African dances with two amazing teachers directly from the source! Don’t miss will be so much fun and you will become part of a special dance family that is growing.

NB. We plan to include a final drum and dance event Saturday evening - more information to follow.

The weather will be beautiful for the summer camp, so we have decided to stay outside as long as the weather stays good.

Wednesday and Thursday we are at Dansepladsen in Faelledparken, a wooden dance floor in the corner of Edel Sauntes Allé and Øster Allé close to the metro station: Vibenhus Runddel. The following days we will also be in Faelledparken - Dansepladsen, if it is free or otherwise nearby (the dance floor is booked for us the first two days).
If the weather gets bad, we will be inside the large room with plenty of space in Osramhuset.


Wednesday 5th of August - Sunday 9th of August (all classes open level)

Wednesday 5th August & Thursday 6th August:

Kl. 18:00-19:30 Guinea / Alky Plus

Kl. 19:45-21:15 Sabar / Mbaye Art

Friday 7th august:

Kl. 18:00-19:30 Sabar / Mbaye Art

Kl. 19:45-21:15 Guinea / Alky Plus

Saturday 8th:

Kl. 14:00-15:30 Guinea / Alky Plus

Kl. 15:45-17:15 Sabar / Mbaye Art

Extra: dance event evening

Sunday 9th:

Kl. 10:15-11:45 Guinea / Alky Plus

Kl. 12:00-13:30 Sabar / Mbaye Art

The classes:

Warm up and diagonal movements vary and include introduction to other West African styles such as the Guinean street dance Namougnie Fare and afro contemporary dance, with recorded music. After warming up we will learn choreographies to the traditional rhythms of Guinea and Senegal, accompanied by professional live djembe and Sabar drums.

PRICE (including live drums and final event)

Full pass: 950 kr (5 days)

Only Guinean djembe or Sabar: 700 kr (5 days)

One day: 300 kr

One class: 200 kr



Valhalsgade 4, København N

(Final event Saturday evening might be held in Faelledparken - more information to come)


World dance academy: links for signing up will be updated soon


Mbaye Art is from the artistic Guèdiawaye area in Senegal’s capital Dakar, where many great Sabar and Djembe dancers grew up and started dancing. He grew up with Sabar and Djembe music and dance, but started taking Sabar dancing seriously at the age of 14 where he started entering regional competitions. He has trained and taken classes at the famous Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor with famous choreographers within Sabar, Djembe, Ballet, Contemporary and Modern dance. In October 2017 he finished a professional education in Modern dance and traditional African dances after 4 years at the Alvin Ailey Academy in Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor. He has worked with the famous Senegalese choreographers Omar Sene and Ibou Sarr. He has performed at Grand Theatre Dakar, Theatre Daniel Sorano and Kaay Fecc festival in Sénégal. He has also organized his own dance festival in Guèdiawaye every year since 2016 and will present it again in January 2020 as a tour. In Scandinavia he has performed at several festivals and smaller events since 2018. He has participated in several experimental urban dance battles in Copenhagen and in May 2018 he won the experimental battle at subURBAN dance festival 2019. He has taught classes at Stepz dance education (CPH), World Dance Academy (CPH), Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium Århus, Kulturfabriken (Malmö), Attitude69 (Eslöv), Danscentrum Syd (Malmö), ABF Malmö as well as workshops in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Essen, Marseille as well as several cities in Senegal. Besides being a dancer, Mbaye Art is also a professional Sabar and Djembe percussionist trained in the villages of Senegal where you find the best percussionist.


Alky is a professional dancer and choreographer from Guinea Conakry, educated both at the famous dancing scene of Conakry and in 2014 from the National Guinean Academy of Arts "Institut Superieur des Arts de Guinée", specializing in traditional Guinean dances and rhythms. He is director and choreographer of "Ballet Fonike", one of the major traditional dance groups in Guinea, as well as dance director for the modern dance and theatre group Tawuly Creation. In 2012 he founded his own dance company in Dubreka, Guinea, called Compagnie Alkhaly Camara, now active in Copenhagen. Alky is also the artistic director of the newly founded West African dance association called Dounia Faré.

Alky has many years of experience in teaching adults, professional dancers, beginners as well as school children and youth, through regular classes at dance schools and special events and workshops. He has performed with various dance groups in both Africa and Europe.

Dance is Alky's great passion, and he lives to educate and share the unique Guinean dance culture, both at home and abroad.

4 juli – 8. Juli 2020

Har du lyst til at danse intensivt og udforske forskellige afrikanske stilarter og Dancehall?

World Dance Academy er stolte af at kunne præsentere Summercamp 2020, der dette år har topinstruktører fra både Danmark og internationalt. Det bliver 5 dage med mulighed for at håndplukke ens yndlingstimer eller prøve det hele til en usandsynlig lav pris.

Fra lørdag d. 4. juli 2020 til onsdag d. 8. juli 2020 i Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, København N.

Lørdag den 4. juli:
14.00-15.00: Dancehall - Amalie Zaar
15.15-16.15: Dancehall - Sri Lanka Rifical team
16.30-17.30: Dancehall - Kxng Smood

Søndag den 5. Juli:
14.00-15.00: Ndombolo - Colosal Titan
15.15-16.15: Azonto - Francis Switch Brako
16.30-17.30: Afro Fusion - Fancis Switch Brako

Mandag den 6. Juli:
17.30-18.30: Afro Heels- Felicia Cameron
18.45-19.45: Dancehall - Amalie Zaar
20.00-21.00: Dancehall Female - Cece Jinxies

Tirsdag den 7. juli:
17.30-18.30: Dancehall - Sri Lanka Rifical team
18.45-19.45: Streetdance - Brice Johnson
20.00-21.00: AfroHouse - Colosal Titan

Onsdag den 8.juli:
17.30-18.30: Dancehall Female - Cece Jinxies
18.45-19.45: Dancehall - Kngx Smood
20.00-21.00: Afrobeat - Felicia Cameron

Fuldt program: 750 kr.
Pr dag: 250 kr.
Én time: 100 kr.