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Prices per month:

One class per week: 250 kr. per month

Two classes per week: 400 kr. per month

Six classess per week: 750 kr. per month

More than six classes: + 50 kr. per class per month

Seven classes + Crew: 900 kr. per month

You also have to pay an Annual membership fee of 100 kr. per year, 25 kr for the rest of 2020. 

As a member of  World Dance Academy you have the opportunity to join our classes and workshops at reduced prices.

The season runs from september - june 2021. No classes on bank holidays and week 52 & 53, and easter week 13.


Sign up for classes and annual membership:

Chose your class( click on "Vælg hold") If you want to take more classes you repeat your inscription and we will check and give you the offers.

Your contingent for the classes will be deducted automatically every 1st of the month.

If you sign up after the 1st of the mont, you pay from the day of signing up. Our new membersistem Holdsport has an app. Please use it for communication.


Drop in class

 90 kr. per. class paid before the class begins via mobilpay 31411.

Remember to write the class number and your name.



To unsubscribe from a class you must do so by sending an email to with name and class number.

NB!: Remember to unsubscribe before the end of the month or else you will be charged for the following month. We do not offer refunds due to oversights.

PROGRAM 2020-21

Note: Our new membersistem generates a automatic messege that you are on waitinglist. We accept your spot in the class as soon as possible. We note at the program if the classes are full.