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As World Dance Academy is part of the association Global Kidz it is necessary to pay an anual membership fee before you can join our classes.

This means that you pay an annual membership fee of 100 kr. for2020.

Prices per month: 200 - 250 kr. per month to follow one class per week. Unlimited training: 600 kr per month. Crew + unlimited training: 800 kr per month. 

Special Classes are not part of the Unlimited training: Westafrican dance, Sabar, Cuban Son, advanced Dancehall

No classes on bank holidays and week 52 & week 1.


As a member of  World Dance Academy you have the opportunity to join our classes and get cheep offers for workshops.


Register here for anual membership fee and classes 2020:


Step 1: Register for an annual membership fee 2020.

Once you have payed the fee and filled out your information, you will be sent a code to your member profile where you can log in via

You will use the forwarded login to sign up for your classes.

Remember to add mobile number and email so we can reach you in case of any changes to the schedule.

Your email will only be used for newsletters on workshops and events.




Step 2: Sign up for classes

Click on the classes you wish to sign up for below. Click "already a member".

Log in with e.g mobile number and received code.

Your contingent for the classes will be deducted automatically every 1st of the month.

If you sign up in the middle of a month, you pay for the next month and 8 kr. per. day of that month. (10kr.per. day when buying unlimited training).


Trial class

It is possible to take a trial lesson before enrolling in a class. It costs 80 kr. per. class you want to try and has to be paid before the class begins via mobilpay 31411.

Remember to write the class number and your name.



To unsubscribe from a class you must do so by sending an email to with name and class number.

NB!: Remember to unsubscribe before the end of the month or else you will be charged for the following month. We do not offer refunds due to oversights.



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